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Artist Essam Azouz worked as a theater decoration designer with Egyptian Artists group which was managed by the author Hossam Hazem. This kind of work has added a new and different experience through working with superstars of the Egyptian theater in the period from the 1st of September 1973 to the 1st of July 1982. Most important plays that artist Essam Azouz has designed or completed:
– Lek youm ya zorba (You will see one day Zorba)
– Robea dastet ashrar (Quarter Dozen of Evils)
– El Ragel Youl Laa (The man says no)
– Bai bai Kanbora (Bye bye Kanbora)
– Embrator Emad El Din (Emperor of Emad El Din)

It also has to be said that Artist Essam Azouz has been working on all the stages as he used to design the advertisements for the streets, newspapers and magazines on the same level of quality.

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